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current location: Dominican Republic

temporary directorship: Paolo Chiasera

current location: Italy

temporary directorship: CURA

SECONDO STILE is a Nomadic canvas-based Artist Run Exhibition Space founded in 2013 by Paolo Chiasera, focusing on the production, presentation,

discourse and promotion of contemporary art and culture.

SECONDO STILE is a painting that is at the same time an exhibition space.

The imaginary is the main aspect of the 2nd style of Roman painting, the Secondo Stile. The imaginary allows the artist to define a new

productive meeting place, thus allowing new modes of collaboration.

SECONDO STILE intend to activate a counter-discourse in the form of sustainable definition of an exhibition space, taking advantage of the

nomadic qualities of the portable canvas to explore the boundaries of collaboration through ideas of fluidity, independency and architectural mobility.

At the moment there are three canvas-spaces, entitled “Wedding”, “Mott” and “Tent” that function as nomadic institutions under the temporary directorship of appointed curators. The curators function as storytellers, defining their specific program for each space, activating the painting as curatorial platform, producing texts, talks, performances and exhibitions with invited artists in different locations; from artist studios to apartments, the street to the art institution. The three painted spaces travel globally (Mumbai, Burma, Cairo, Lisbon, Madrid, Leicester, Paris)

Since its foundation SECONDO STILE has produced more that twenty events and exhibitions involving more that thirty agents.

Two other larger canvas-spaces, titled “The garden of Sardinia, Cyprus and Jerusalem” and “Urmutter” are functioning as display system for larger group of works, mostly museum-collections (such as Man Museo Arte Contemporanea Nuoro in Sardinia Italy or De Vleesahl in Middelburgh, Holland) in order to activate new narrations and serendipitous encounters the re-contextualization provided by Secondo Stile as an experimental, possibly emancipatory painted-space.