Wojciech Fangor

April 17th 2015 - 18:00 - 22:00
Cite des Arts, Paris

Fruit Loops

Justin Beal
Murmansk, 2013
Video 03:52:18, loop

Presented alongside a bootlegged Memphis Milano cocktail bar.
Curator/Mixologist: Sabrina Tarasoff

exhibition design: Marianne Zamecznik

A rather new addition to the Haribo gummy series,

“Oasis” (based on the eponymous drink) comes with back stories

And a funny punny name for each of its comical flavours
(Which, mind you, are all-natural, just like its tropical colours);

Compared to Gold-Bears, the name might be too much of a flattery.
There’s also mango and strawberry, but the best is pineapple,
“Alan Ananas”, bigger and juicier than the Bears: Snapple

Could make a smack like that (they should). Overall, with just four different

Tastes, it lacks a certain variety and is insufficient

For a late-night snack for when the times are already pretty high.

Stick to Gold-Bears, or for novelty and games I guess you could try

Chupa Chups Mr. Potato Head gummies: strawberry, lemon,

raspberry, orange, pear, and peach; I guess they’re fun for a second.

Naoki Sutter Shudo