Wojciech Fangor

14 June 2014 - 18:00 - 21:00
Luckenwalder Strasse 3, 10963 Berlin

Wojciech Fangor



Grim desert and sporadic rock formation, Monument Valley, Arizona side, low sun, near dark. Palladio has just left, Wright is still sitting in his car, while Fangor and Rauschenberg are seated by the fire. Braque is riding in from a distance.

FANGOR: Bob, tell me, is this where you found your colours? Or was that in Texas? RAUSCHENBERG: No, I found my colours in the Village, in a dumpster. FANGOR: Oh, I thought you looked for it in your upbringing. RAUSCHENBERG: Hell, no. I did not bring anything. And you; why the circle and the cylinder?

WRIGHT (shouts from the car, as he combs his hair back): Cylinders are testaments to God, and I am not a believer! FANGOR: Frank, nobody asked you. And yes, I wanted to do away with the cylinder altogether, so there I am with Frank. But for the circle I simply don’t know, but certainly not from my upbringing. Cylinders plagued me all my life, that is why I disembodied them. What I never understood with your work, Bob, is the lack of corners.

RAUSCHENBERG: Well, I am not a square. FANGOR: But when you did away with the corners, you did away with logic. The one thing that could have been uplifting. RAUSCHENBERG: Well, I can only repeat what I said. WRIGHT: Cylinders are Gods work!

Fangor takes out a pen and paper and draws one cylinder and one square.

FANGOR: You see Bob, they have the same shadow. Everything that stands upright has a shadow, it would be foolish to make everything soft and incoherent. WRIGHT: Foolish indeed! RAUSCHENBERG: Frank, enough already! It is no foolish, you are the one who wanted to construct for eternity.

WRIGHT: Eternity is mine! I already had my second coming! FANGOR: This trip is taking a turn for the worse. And only nature is eternal, culture is already in the past. I can’t believe there are no trees around here.

Fangor gets up and walks around in a circle.

FANGOR: You see Bob, I am making culture! WRIGHT: My walking stick has more culture than your walking! BOB: Frank! Braque finally arrives and dismounts his horse BRAQUE: My back hurts and I can’t feel my arse. RAUSCHENBERG: Good for you.

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