Patrick Tuttofuoco’s studio is proud to present the opening of SECONDO STILE

13th March 2014 - 18:00 - 21:00
Hobrechtstrasse 67 Berlin

Dario D’Aronco, Andrea Romano


Dario D’Aronco. You without yourself (2011)

Andrea Romano, Claque & Shill (2014)

What is this tent doing in the factory?

It’s a curious situation Paolo Chiasera has set up and invited all of us to participate in. His “gallery in the desert” tickles that part of our imagination that may have been left untickled since some time in childhood.

A Bedouin has left the door open to a factory building on Hobrechtstrasse in Berlin. It’s where the small manufacturers of Neuköln were toiling away until recently only having been replaced by other new workers, the studio workers, and now, these new workers, displaced by an imaginary space. The tent.

What have the studio workers and Bedouins been busy with?

Central, in the tent, hangs a drawing of eagles, logo like, official looking eagles, highly rendered in pencil, flying this way and that inside a square white marble frame. Who’s eagles? They could be from banknotes, or passports. And like those papers, flying, with unfixed value. Why are national symbols always eagles? Eagles are at the top of the food chain, masters of the sky, apex predators of the animal world. Self sufficient and unconquerable, the eagle, seen throughout the ages as the most dignified and independent of all beings.

Claque & Shill is what Andrea Romano titles these works. Light and heavy at the same time, both in color, material, form and content. These works operate in an area not unlike man’s struggle with nature and self, this battle for supremacy, with our perceptions and understanding of reality and representation.

There, facing the tent: you without yourself from the ground, up, stands Dario D’Aronco’s sculpture, two feet, and concrete stalks. Is there a figure here? It’s the work of filling in a blank space. Legs that extend until there is no body however much we desire to perceive, there is a body and there isn’t: peek a boo!

But who is it, there and not there? You, without yourself. What state am I in, without myself?

The feet of the sculpture, covered by converse all-star sneakers; a clue! It could be you, it could be Kurt Cobain or Courtney Love, it could be a sweet punk rock spirit from the days of the past. Nothing is fixed, this sculpture stands awkwardly and yet the flavor of the material, washed out, concrete, formed by hand, it’s floating around a place between our memories and those which have been fed to us by advertising and pop culture. This work haunts all these places.

Perhaps one could be left wondering; who are the Bedouins, the workers, the eagles, figures and symbols?

I believe they are us.

Matthew Antezzo