Wojciech Fangor

PSM is proud to present the grand opening of II STILE

10 Aug 2013 - 18:00 - 21:00
Köpenicker Strasse 126 | 10179 Berlin

Carla Scott Fullerton, Nathan Peter


Nathan Peter. Interruption IV (2013)

Carla Scott Fullerton. Outside in (1) and Outside in (2), (both 2012)

SECONDO STILE is pleased to present a new space: The Bedouin tent, a magic symbol of  nomadism  and evocation.

The first  SECONDO STILE (Tent) exhibition is hosted by PSM. For one night only it presents works by Carla Scott Fullerton and Nathan Peter.

Nathan Peter’s Interruption IV (2013) is a painting that functions as an arabesque. The contemporary material combination of bitumen and aluminum foil on canvas recalls a decoration that for its incorporeal presence and richness becomes a symbol of the magic culture of the Orient. Hung on the wall of the tent, the painting amalgamates with the decoration of the Bedouin tent.

Magic is the word that I want to use to indicate the way in which materials and shapes are developed in the two sculptures Outside in (1) and Outside in (2), (both 2012) by Carla Scott Fullerton. According to the principle of magic, expressed by Grégoire in the "Syntaxeon artis mirabilis", Fullerton’s composition is constructed following the “Amicitia, Aequalitas (contracts, consensus, matrimonium, societas, pax et similia) Consonantia, Concertus, Continuum, Paritas, Proportio, Similitudo, Conjunctio, Copula”, which are creating a visible relationship between material and shapes based on sympathy.

Paolo Chiasera